Southeast Asia’s leading multi-platform game developer Mighty Bear Games is proud to present... MIGHTY ACTION HEROES!
  • 10,000s of action heroes inspired by the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, and beyond!
  • An accessible game that’s easy to pick-up but has a high skill cap to support elite-level competitive play.
  • AFK Missions to earn additional rewards while you go about your daily life
  • A unique durability and rarity system that mimics the real-life collector’s mindset
  • Commitment-free pick-up-and-play accessibility, with no need for any sort of cryptocurrency or NFT knowledge to get started
  • Community-driven development that will allow the most engaged and loyal fans to shape Mighty Action Heroes’ future
Mighty Action Heroes is currently in development and some details and items are subject to change.
Mighty Action Heroes is a realtime multiplayer third-person Battle Royale with an emphasis on fun, skill and, chaos! Relive the nostalgia of those precious days where all that mattered was the latest, coolest, and sickest figurine from that Saturday morning (or after school) cartoon! If you ever dreamed of dropping into a fantasy world a la Dungeons & Dragons, or having your toys come to life, then Mighty Action Heroes is where it’s at. But that’s not all—the 80s were fun, but so were the 90s, and the 00s and the 10s. If ever there was an action hero convention across the decades made into a video game, it would be Mighty Action Heroes!
Whether you’re a pop culture buff, an action figure connoisseur, a dedicated gamer, or simply a Web3 native, we got you! In Mighty Action Heroes, you can expect to be rewarded for your skill and mastery of the arena! Experience the joy of unboxing a mint figurine from your action-hero-packed childhood, then actually own and use it in game!
Mighty Action Heroes is our studio’s first fully-web3-native game, and the first that will have a truly community-led development approach. It will also be the first game to ever utilise Mighty Action Heroes, a collection* of larger-than-life NFTs based on popular action heroes from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, and beyond. Most importantly, you’ll be able to get started on your Mighty Action Hero collection on launch day, with no need to connect any wallets or make financial commitments.
Each Mighty Action Hero NFT will be a unique non-fungible token with its own visual and non-visual traits, among other features. Eventually, all Heroes will be interoperable between future supported games and social spaces.
*This is a separate collection from our genesis PFP collection, which you can learn more about later in the litepaper!