Epic Loot

Mighty Action Heroes will have some pretty mighty rewards. Here’s a preview of what you can get from playing.

Season Pass

Players will be able to unlock and collect a Season Pass NFT. The Season Pass will allow you to collect extra rewards across the duration of the season by completing daily and weekly quests.
Each Season Pass has a Starter and Premium Tier, and you can start earning rewards almost immediately. Season Pass rewards are unique to Season Pass holders, and they include:
  • Season-specific Heroes and Equipment
  • P.A.R.T.S Crafting Materials
  • Unique Seasonal cosmetic items

On-chain rewards

  • Premium Heroes
  • Premium Equipment
  • P.A.R.T.S - Different crafting materials used to craft Premium Equipment and perform various in-game functions
  • Blueprints: Crafting recipes that allow players to craft and repair Equipment

Off-chain rewards

  • Crystals (Game Currency) - Used to purchase Novice Set Booster Packs and improve Equipment and Perks
  • Novice Set - Off-chain rewards and collectables
    • Novice Rarity Heroes
    • Novice Rank Equipment
  • Cosmetic Items
    • Trails
    • Flags
    • Emotes