Getting started in Mighty Action Heroes is going to be as easy as going to the store to pick up a brand new favourite figurine. All you have to do is choose your Hero, equip it appropriately, and voila! You’re ready for the arena!
At launch, Mighty Action Heroes will focus on the Battle Royale mode, which will have up to a whopping 60 players per game. Our goal is to eventually feature multiple team and solo objective game modes.
Mighty Action Heroes’ matches will be chaotic and rapid-fire, but if you play your cards right and remain the last one standing, you’ll reap some truly tubular rewards! Competitors in each match will be rewarded based on their final ranking or if they are the last one standing in the game. These rewards will allow you to purchase and craft Equipment, which will in turn make your Heroes stronger in battle.


If frenetic PVP isn’t your cup of tea, we will also have Missions. Instead of diving into the thick of battle, send your Heroes out on Missions to earn rewards in a more peaceful way. Missions will take varying amounts of time to complete and will have different requirements. (traits, equipment, etc.) If you want to increase your chances of success in each Mission, just make sure you’re equipped with beneficial gear, which can vary from Mission to Mission.