Heroes and Equipment


Mighty Action Heroes will feature both Non-NFT (Novice) and NFT Heroes and Equipment.
All players will begin their journey with a collection of Non-NFT (Novice) Heroes and equipment. Non-NFT heroes have a standard set of traits, stats, visuals, and abilities.
Each NFT Hero will be a unique non-fungible token that comes with its own visual and non-visual traits. NFT Heroes will also come with unique Equipment slots. Equipment pieces will impact gameplay in different ways and may also affect a Hero's appearance.

Hero Traits

Traits will have a direct impact on some game modes and missions, and will be categorised into different Rarity tiers, with some Traits being rarer than others.


You’ll be able to collect both Novice (non-NFT) and NFT Equipment in Mighty Action Heroes. Each non-Novice piece of Equipment will be a unique non-fungible token that you’ll be able to earn through playing or obtain by trading with other players. All Equipment will be classified by their base Types and Rarities, and can also contain different Traits which can impact your performance in matches and Missions.

Equipment Traits

Like Heroes, every piece of Equipment will have a single Trait, which can have direct impact on game modes and Missions. Traits can be exclusive to Seasons, in that they’ll only be collectable during a particular Season.
Traits will be a vital part of the equipment and Hero ecosystem. Missions and events might favour a particular set of traits, so it will be important to collect as many unique traits as possible between Heroes and Equipment Pieces. You never know when a particular trait might come in handy!


Crafting is simple in Mighty Action Heroes. You’ll be able to earn Blueprints for specific Equipment, with each Blueprint also being an NFT that can be traded between players. Owning a Blueprint will allow you to craft or repair the specific Equipment it corresponds to if you have the necessary crafting materials (P.A.R.T.S). Each crafted equipment is an NFT, so players are free to trade crafted equipment on the open market.
You’ll be able to earn Blueprints from completing Missions and winning tournaments or events. Blueprints will be a rare reward so keep an eye out for missions and events that award them.