Play for Free

For most people, existing blockchain game offerings are non-starters due to the high barrier of entry and complex first-time user experience. Getting players to sign up for a wallet, acquiring tokens and transferring them can be highly daunting for a player just looking for a fun game to play.
We want to develop Mighty Action Heroes as a game first and foremost, and we want players to be able to enjoy it and have fun, regardless of whether they spend or invest in acquiring an NFT hero. We want Mighty Action Heroes to be the leader in the space for onboarding non-crypto native players, so all players will start for free and be able to access all the same types of content as other on-chain players.
The game is being developed for all types of players, not just web3 experts. Both F2P (Free to Play) players and NFT players can look forward to competing together in fair, skill-based matches.